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Beyond reading about our adventures, you or your organization can participate in Millennium Snapshot by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship will generate traffic to your site and interest in your company's products or services.

We are promoting Millennium Snapshot as a preeminent web travelogue. Promotional activities include:

  • Submitting stories about travel, Asia, food, and Conservation to print and online media. Each article submitted will include a link to the site.
  • Sending out notifications to interested parties and online travel sites when new dispatches are created.
  • Registering the site with all the prominent Search Engines.
  • Submitting the site for Web Award.

Hits as of February 6 are: approximately 11,000 hits from 400 different users.
** These numbers represent our hits before registering with search engines. The numbers will only go up from here.

There are three types of sponsorship: listing on the Sponsorship page, advertising on the site, and hiring Will or Mary while they are on the road.

Thank you for your interest. Please contact information@millenniumsnapshot.comif you would like to learn more about sponsorship.

1. Link and listing for your company on the Sponsorship page -

You or your organization can be listed on the Millennium snapshot page by:

  • Providing a needed good or service to Millennium Snapshot
  • Hiring Millennium Snapshot for one of the services described below
  • Buying ad space

2. Advertise on Millennium Snapshot

You can advertise on Millennium Snapshot, choose from either banners on the bottom of a page or a box ad on the left side of a page. This level of sponsorship includes a link on the sponsorship page. Ads can be created for one time fee or in exchange for long term commitment.

Prices - Early bird specials listed below

  • Front Page - $80 / month
  • Dispatch or Gallery Pages - $40 / month
  • Other Main Section Pages - $30 / month
  • Sub Pages - $20 / month

Prices are subject to change based upon availability.

3. Hire Millennium Snapshot

You can hire Will or Mary to perform Market Research and Multimedia design services.

  • Market Research – Mary Shaffner is available to provide market research while in-country. Mary is able to visit Foreign Commercial Service Offices, research business opportunities, investigate potential clients, etc. Email Mary for more information. . The price for market research is $25 an-hour plus expenses or on a project basis
  • Multimedia Design – Will Weems is available to perform freelance design work for you or your organization. His expertise is in multimedia design, including Web, multimedia, and PowerPoint design and production. The price for design and production is $50 an hour or on a project basis, plus expenses.

Examples of Willís work include this site and:

Prices are inexpensive because our cost of living is low, and our ability to communicate rapidly is not always assured. Services can also be bartered for travel services such as hotels, resort stays, tours etc.

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